Local Pension Board

The function of the Board is to assist the Council in its role as Scheme Manager of the Lambeth Pension Fund, and its Pension Committee to secure compliance with statutory regulations and to ensure the effective and efficient governance and administration of the Scheme.


The Public Service Pension Act 2013 requires that Pension Boards include an equal number of employer and scheme member representatives. Representatives should be able to demonstrate their capacity to attend and complete the necessary preparation for meetings and participate in training as required. Capacity in this instance means the time to commit to attend meetings, undertake training and effectively represent employers and scheme members as appropriate.

The board must have an equal number of employer representatives and scheme member representatives. Scheme member and employer representatives are appointed to the board for a term of four years.

The current members of the board are as follows:


Scheme member representatives

Glenis Williamson – Staff representative

Anne Biddle – Pensioner Representative

Ian Fall (Trades Union)


Employer representatives

Councillor Linda Bray (Chair)

Councillor Ibrahim Dogus

Councillor Scott Ainslie

Councillor Kevin Craig (Sub)


More information can be obtained from the Lambeth Council website

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